MKPT: Physical Therapy that Works

MKPT:  Physical Therapy that Works

I am Mary Kay Graves MPT of MKPT, and for me Physical Therapy was a calling.  Being active all of my life, my personal desire to be injury free and strong is transferred to the treatment of all of my patients.  Whether your goal is to function better, be painfree, or to be at peak performance at work, life or play, my goal is to help get you there.   

Finding Active Release Therapy (ART) to be the most effective technique to address my own injuries, I became fully certified in this technique to have that skill in my “tool kit” to help you.   I listen and hear your concerns and give you personalized care to help you meet your goals.  I treat you as I would like to be treated.

If pain or nagging injuries are keeping you from your potential in your daily life or athletics, I would love to help you.  With thorough analysis and attention to detail, I will help you perform your daily activities or sport without those nagging pains.