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Quotes I had suffered with posterior tibialis syndrome for over one year and was unable to run. Mary Kay got me back to running in just a few weeks. Kevin C. Quotes
plantar woes until Mary Kay

Quotes I am very appreciative for you, your kindness and especially your knowledge/ability to care. Thank you for being there. Quotes

Quotes Mary Kay is one of the most highly trained and amazing PTs that I have seen. Anonymous You are a PT angel. Two years ago today, I had foot surgery that never healed right and left me with a painful, unusable foot. You took me to being able to walk with no assistance and disepated pain. Fran S. Quotes
Amazing PT

Quotes Dear Mary Kay, I wanted to thank you for being such a knowledgeable therapist and I appreciate your intellect, your abilities and personality. You made me proud of our profession.? Margrey Thompson (former Physical Therapist Quotes
Knowledgeable PT

Quotes "I have been through 11 back surgeries, and Mary Kay is the best therapist I have ever had." Mike Meyers Quotes
Many failed back surgeries, then found Mary Kay